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Services and Solutions

Camera module measurement

NomiCam provides camera module characterization services and image grabbing solutions.

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Image quality measurement

Comprehensive measurement portfolio for the single and multi-camera products, including VCX score test services.

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Image quality tuning

NomiCam is specialized in ISP tuning for creating the best-in-class image quality for the product use case.

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Camera R&D services

NomiCam camera labs are fully equiped for measuring MIPI interface, EMC, ESD and we provide design and review services.

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Our clients

We optimize cameras for a wide variety of use case

NomiCam Products

Camera lab automation, equipment and analysis


Efficient chart changer for up to 11 charts

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HDR measurement target, 1 – 180 000 lux

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MIP Software

Camera lab automation and analysis software

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Camera calibration target with VIS and NIR illumination

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VCX Score

NomiCam is the VCX trusted lab and provides VCX score measurement services. VCX is the standard for smartphones objective image quality measurement.

Why choose NomiCam?

NomiCam is a team of camera enthusiastics. We are specialized in miniature cameras and our team experience started with the world’s first camera smartphone. Whether you need a partner for full camera development project or have a specific need in developing image quality for your camera, we are happy work with you. NomiCam camera labs are well equipped and ready to provide what you need.