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NomiCam Oy

+358 10 419 5003


Hermiankatu 12 B
33720 Tampere, Finland

Pentti Väänänen


+358 50 511 7375

Jere Paloniemi

Director of Accounts

+358 50 596 9511

Jukka Sillanpää


+358 50 482 4330

Petteri Valve

Principal IQ Specialist

+358 50 483 6161

Why choose NomiCam?

NomiCam is a team of camera enthusiastics. We are specialized in miniature cameras and our team experience started with the world’s first camera smartphone. Whether you need a partner for full camera development project or have a specific need in developing image quality for your camera, we are happy work with you. NomiCam camera labs are well equipped and ready to provide what you need.