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NomiCam Products

NomiCam MIP software is the camera test automation software for camera R&D and manufacturing. With the MIP software, you are able to control the camera, camera lab instruments and make the image quality analysis. MIP software enables fully automated measurement sequences and it comes with over 300 plugins to build your automation playgrounds. MIP software provides versatile tools for raw image analysis and it can be integrated to other automation software.

NomiCam MIP software overview

Comes with 300+ ready made plugins. Enables automation for camera control, image capture, camera lab equipment, RAW image quality analysis and more.

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NomiCam Camera Lab Equipment

Sometimes, it is not possible to find a suitable a camera lab equipment which fulfils all the needs – this is the root of NomiCam camera lab product development. We are happy to provide these proven equipment also for your labs.


CHARTMASTER is a chart changer for up to 11 test charts. It comes with spring assisted chart lift, automatic locking mechanism and with compact size.

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DYNAMIC test system is a unique product for High Dynamic Range (HDR) performance measurement providing adjustable 1 – 180 000 Lux illumination, up to 22 stop (132dB). DYNAMIC system can be controlled with web browser GUI or with REST API for test automation.

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WHEEL is used for motion artefact testing. Rotation speed up to 200 RPM. Mounted with a back side magnet or a stand. Slim form factor, clear UI and controllable speed makes the WHEEL easy to work with.

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Not found what you are looking for?

NomiCam provides design and manufacturing services for customized camera lab equipment and imaging targets.

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