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Working with camera modules?

Camera module characterization service

Camera module characterization provides objective metrics to evaluate the module quality, to find possible issues early and to select the best module for your product. Camera module includes a sensor, lens and IR cut filter. These are the key components to provide the required functionality and performance for your product use case.

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Image grabbing solution for MIPI cameras

NomiCam provides image grabbing solutions for camera modules. The solution includes a camera tester, camera module adapter, sensor registry settings and MIP software for camera control and RAW image analysis. We provide camera testers for single and dual camera use cases and for MIPI C-PHY or D-PHY interfaces.

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The best-in-class Image Quality Tuning

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NomiCam has the experience and the image labs for creating first class ISP calibration and tuning for your product.

NomiCam is specialized in getting the best out of the camera technology. Camera ISP is responsible for various functions in controlling camera for the RAW image capture and processing it into the desired output image. Each combination of the camera sensor, optics, IR cut and ISP is unique in terms of tuning.

NomiCam provides a one-stop-shop solution for image quality tuning and optimizing the image quality for the product use case. Based on the camera use case, we do the tuning for 3A, flash, OIS, spatial and temporal filtering, HDR and other image processing to provide the best-in-class image quality for your product.

NomiCam technology partners

Image quality measurement

NomiCam camera labs provide product image quality and benchmark test. Get a measurement report which gives you clear understanding of the camera performance. Contact us to define the measurement list for your product.

Objective image quality

NomiCam camera labs provide objective image quality measurement services. In addition to common camera measurement, our capabilities include thermal, temporal, extrinsic, veiling glare, NIR, 3D and more.

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Subjective image quality

NomiCam provides indoor and outdoor field test services. Our purpose built field test lab includes scenes for subjective image quality and enables repeatable tests. Repeatable tests enable comparing the objective image quality between product releases and between different cameras.

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Benchmark test

Benchmark test provides the camera performance comparison between products. Bechmark report gives the clear understanding about competitiveness of the camera product, needed by product R&D, product management and marketing.

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VCX score test

NomiCam is the VCX Trusted lab and provides VCX score test services.
VCX is the objective image quality standard for smartphone cameras.

Introduction video
Introduction video

Camera R&D services

Camera hardware performance can be measured already with camera modules.

NomiCam camera module hardware test capabilities include:

  • Camera Serial Interface (CSI) high-speed communications tests
  • Camera Control Interface (CCI) communications tests
  • MIPI D-PHY 1.2 (<2.5 Gbps) and I2C (<1Mbps) compliance tests
  • Supply voltage and power consumption tests
  • Level and timing verification of control signals (clock, reset)

Measurements can be done in temperatures from -40°C to +125°C.

Camera module EMC and ESD measurement services:

  • Radiated emission tests
  • Conducted emission tests
  • Radiated immunity tests
  • Conducted immunity tests
  • ESD tests

Measurement capability up to 8 GHz.