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Want to join our team? – YES, call Pentti!

Looking to work with a great team and make the best out of camera technologies?

At NomiCam, you get to work with broad range of digital cameras and technologies

  • Our camera projects include drones, AR/VR headsets, video conferencing, 3D mapping, automotive, surveillance, smartphones, and more.
  • In addition to different types of cameras, you get to work at the world-class camera laboratories with specialized equipment: monochromator, hand shake simulator, programmable light sources, automated environments, 6-axis robots and more.
  • And this is not all – you have the opportunity to work with variety of platforms like Qualcomm, OmniVision, NXP, Mediatek, Rockchip to name some – something you don’t find elsewhere.

The following background and know-how help in getting started:

  • Signal processing, image processing, algorithms, color science, computational photography
  • C++/C#, Python, Matlab
  • 1st hand experience in using cameras/photography
  • Understanding about camera tech (sensors, optics, etc)
  • All kinds of design tools around 3D, electrical, optics

We require:

  • True interest in camera technologies
  • Hands-on work attitude
  • Curiosity and readiness to develop your skills

We are looking for candidates with different level of experience, from experts to students. Come to work with a great team which has worked with the cameras for last 10+ years!

Interested?  Contact:

Pentti Väänänen | +358 50 511 7375 |